What Readers Are Saying About
Dave Tevelin’s Books

“As counsel for one of the defendants in US v Edmond, et al., I was impressed by Mr. Tevelin’s mastery of the facts in this complicated trial and his ability to weave them into an exciting novel. I enjoyed Siege Of The Capital, but Mr. Tevelin stepped up his game with Murder On Morton.”

– Ernest W. McIntosh, Esq.

“Although laced with fiction, Mr. Tevelin’s Siege Of The Capital captures the essential elements of Hamaas Khaalis’ takeover and the drama of those thirty-nine hours. He managed to make the complexity of the incident into a very readable story.”

– Earl Silbert, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Dave Tevelin vividly captured the horror of the Khaalis slayings, and the drama of his takeover of the three buildings in D.C. He nailed Khaalis’ voice, and compellingly laid out the web of factors that led to both the murders of his family and his actions four year years later. I recommend this book highly.”

-Henry Schuelke, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Siege Of The Capital, a blend of fiction with real time events, is a great read! Its account brought back memories of a life-changing event for those involved in the 1977 hostage siege and the dramatic trial that followed. For me, as the federal prosecutor involved in the case, Dave Tevelin’s account of those days – and Khaalis’ back story – is well researched, vivid, and compelling.”

-Mark Tuohey, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

“Dave Tevelin’s Death At The Howard takes us back in time, recreating 1960s DC as few have been able to do, and, in the process, helps us understand the city we all live in now. And he does so with a good story compellingly told – a great read!”

-Blair Ruble, Author, Washington’s U Street, A Biography

“Dave Tevelin weaves a taut drama filled with over-the-top characters in a fantastic series of events, all of which are based in fact. A terrific retelling of a bizarre chapter in Washington history that is both authentic and gripping.”

-Tim Murray, former D.C. pretrial official and Executive Director of the Pretrial Justice Institute

“Dave Tevelin really tells it the way it was. I loved this book.”

-Greg Gaskins, guitarist for Elvis Presley, The Manhattans, and many others

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