New From Dave Tevelin

Jake Katz is back in Murder On Morton, Dave Tevelin’s third piece of historical crime fiction set in our nation’s capital. In this sequel to Death At The Howard and Siege Of The Capital, Rayful Edmond’s criminal empire overwhelms D.C. in 1989 with a flood of cocaine that threatens to wash away Jake’s career and maybe even his life. Painful secrets are revealed and bitter consequences confronted as Jake grapples with love, ethics, and the law.

Previous Books by Dave Tevelin

April 4, 1968.  Martin Luther King is dead and so is Brenda Queen, shot on stage at the Howard Theatre, Washington’s soul music showcase, as rioters rage through the capital.  Was it a tragic accident, a calculated crime, or something else?

Siege Of The Capital, the second Jake Katz novel, tracks Hamaas Abdul Khaalis’ takeover of the District Building, the Islamic Center, and the B’nai B’rith in Washington in March 1977, during which one person was killed, several others (including Marion Barry) were wounded, and more than 100 people were held hostage for 39 hours.